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Welcome to Steve Wallet Studios:
Your Creative Partner in Music Production!

At Steve Wallet Studios, we offer more than just services – we are your creative partner on the journey to outstanding music. Our approach goes beyond the traditional understanding of services; we comprehend the needs of producers and work closely with them to create a unique sonic experience.

It's not just about editing tracks; it's about understanding and realizing your artistic vision. We believe the best music emerges when service providers become creative partners. That's why we are passionately committed to collaborating with you to achieve the best possible results.

From the initial idea to the finished track, we accompany you throughout the entire process. Your music is unique, and so should the collaboration be. Steve Wallet Studios – not just a studio, but your partner on the path to musical excellence.

High Quality Audio Mastering

Welcome to Steve Wallet Studios, your go-to for professional mastering, mixing, and production services in electronic music.

We offer comprehensive services for producers and labels to ensure your music sounds optimal in every way. With our top-notch audio mastering, we give your tracks the perfect polish to attract new fans and captivate your existing fan base with impressive soundscapes.

Present your work with the highest audio quality and reach new heights in music production. Steve Wallet Studios stands for excellence in audio engineering, elevating your music to a new level of excitement for the audience.


Transform your stereo pre-master with our state-of-the-art digital processing into a format perfect for both radio and clubs.

Our professional mastering ensures that your track achieves the ideal balance between volume and dynamics, tailored to your individual preferences. We deliver customized results that align with your creative vision and give your music the finishing touch.

Regardless of your distribution platforms, we consider all relevant formats for digital dissemination, whether for sales or streaming on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Trust that we will present your music optimally in any environment to make it accessible to a broad audience.

STEM Mastering

For tracks requiring precise control over stereo mastering, we offer STEM mastering. Upload 4-8 STEMs to enable even more detailed sound shaping.

This advanced technique allows fine-tuning problematic areas like kick and bass to achieve a tight and powerful low-end. Simultaneously, individual processing of musical elements such as leads and vocals allows precise highlighting to optimally support the artistic intention of your music.

Give your tracks an additional dimension and shape the sound character exactly as you envision with our STEM mastering service.


Our mixing services provide a comprehensive treatment of every element in your track. Each STEM is individually processed and carefully mixed to bring out the musicality and mood of the song exactly as you imagine.

We understand that every detail matters, and we use our expertise to ensure that every aspect of your music shines. From fine-tuning the balance to emphasizing crucial elements – our mixing service offers the precision your music deserves.

After the mix is approved, we add the final touch with our mastering. This guarantees that your track not only is cohesive but also sounds impressive on every playback device and in any environment. Trust that we will bring out the best in your music, from the first note to the final polish.

A/B Comparision

Here you can find an A/B comparison of a premaster and the mastered track.

A-B Comparision